Friday, August 19, 2016

Coming attractions: Furrowed Middlebrow book covers

I'm very happy to have been given the go-ahead to share with you the covers for the first batch of Furrowed Middlebrow books, which will be released by Dean Street Press in October. I'm completely delighted with the way they turned out, and I hope you'll find them enticing as well. A big thanks to Rupert at Dean Street, who did all the work in putting these together and managed to create a unique and clever design that makes our books easily recognizable.

I also want to take this opportunity to mention the wonderful intros that have been written especially for our editions of these books. I think I mentioned early on that historian Virginia Nicholson has written a new introduction to A Chelsea Concerto. Nicholson has long been an advocate of the book, so it's certainly fitting that she would introduce it. 

For the Rachel Ferguson and Winifred Peck books, we have wonderfully informative intros by scholar Elizabeth Crawford (who wrote Ferguson's entry in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, no less), which will be great treats for fans of those authors. And for the other Faviell titles, we also have some treats in store, including more biographical information than has previously been known, some fascinating photos, and perhaps some personal reflections from her son.

All of these books should all be available for pre-order on Amazon by the middle of September at the latest (a couple of the paperbacks are already listed, which was very exciting for me), and will be available in both e-book and paperback formats.

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